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Abortion Info

  • Do I know and understand all of my pregnancy options?

  • Have I discussed my situation with someone I can trust?

  • Have I had an ultrasound to determine if my pregnancy is viable and to know how far along I am?

  • Do I fully understand the details of each type of abortion, the potential risks involved, and the type(s) I am eligible for? 

  • Does the doctor performing my abortion have admitting privileges to a local hospital, in the event of a complication?


When you come to GMPC Medical, we will make sure you have all the information you need, in order to make an informed decision about your pregnancy.  We will discuss:

  • Types of abortions (chemical vs. surgical)

  • Risks of abortion

  • Current abortion laws

  • At home abortion (abortion pill)

Note,  GMPC Medical does not perform abortions nor refer for abortions.  

If you are considering abortion, you'll need to know the following, to be able to determine if abortion is the right choice for you:

Unplanned pregnancy

We Inform. You Decide.

pregnancy options
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